Saturday, March 4, 2017

Losar "New Year"

Losar At Collage With My Friends.

Losar is an important holiday in Bhutan. Lo meaning "New" and Sar meaning "Year".

As morning sun raises on this day, marks an auspicious day for the people of Bhutan.
Friends playing "Khuru"
On this day families come together to celebrate this auspicious occasion.when i was in Bhutan my family would prepare tea and some snacks to start the day.
But as for now because i am in collage i wont be celebrating this losar with my family.So this year im celebrating losar with my Bhutanese friends and my seniors out here in the collage.

Today, in the morning  me and friends got together at one of our friends house for the celebration. We started the day with all of us gathering for tea also known Suja meaning "Butter Tea"
and home made biscuits knows as "Khabzay". After that we went to witness the khuru match between different teams among our seniors. It was a great match to witness such game here at India.
After the khuru match it was time for lunch, where we all gather and enjoyed our meals sharing our storied about how each and every one of us celebrated losar at their place in Bhutan.
Then we ended the day with joys in our heart and a day to remember.

Here are some pictures of today's occasion that i have been blessed to be part of.
I hope everyone had a great day celebrating their Losar as i did.

Losar Tashi Delek!
Tashi Delek and Happy Losar to everyone and everywhere

Throwing Khuru at target